Scream Body Jewelry - New Arrivals

New Arrivals

New Arrivals







New Arrivals

316L Steel Double Gem Naval Bar with Mustache Dangle
Price:  $1.64 
316L Steel Fancy Multi-Crystal Paved Flower
Price:  $3.00 
316L Steel Navel Bar with Triple-Star Dangle Chain
Price:  $2.70 
316L Surgical Steel American Flag Heart Dangle
Price:  $2.38 
316L Surgical Steel Black IP Mustache Fake Plug (1 Pair)
Starting At:  $4.14 
As Low As:  $2.90
316L Surgical Steel Bullet Plug with O-Rings (1 Pair)
Price:  $5.00 
316L Surgical Steel Cross Industrial Barbell
Starting At:  $1.50 
As Low As:  $1.05
316L Surgical Steel Curved Eyebrow Bar with Gemmed Star
Starting At:  $1.20 
As Low As:  $0.84
316L Surgical Steel Double Gem with Inlaid Owl Dangle
Price:  $2.52 
316L Surgical Steel Epoxy Owl with CZ Eyes
Price:  $1.78 
316L Surgical Steel Eyebrow Bar with Gemmed Cherry
Starting At:  $2.04 
As Low As:  $1.43
316L Surgical Steel Fancy Multi-Crystal Dangle with Solitaire
Price:  $3.86 
316L Surgical Steel Fixed Bead Captives (Box of 24)
Price:  $21.00 
316L Surgical Steel Gecko Tragus/Cartilage Stud
Starting At:  $1.14 
As Low As:  $0.80
316L Surgical Steel Industrial Barbell with Epoxy Coated Ferido Balls
Starting At:  $4.95 
As Low As:  $3.47
316L Surgical Steel Labret with Winding Key Top
Starting At:  $1.26 
As Low As:  $0.88
316L Surgical Steel Multi-Colored Heart Gem Flower
Price:  $4.68 
316L Surgical Steel Multi-Gem Paved Butterfly Dangle
Price:  $3.46 
316L Surgical Steel Nipple Bar with CZ Hearts
Starting At:  $2.95 
As Low As:  $2.07
316L Surgical Steel Tragus/Cartilage Barbell with Multi-Crystal Heart
Starting At:  $1.98 
As Low As:  $1.39
316L Surgical Steel Tragus/Cartilage Stud with Multi-Crystal Crown
Starting At:  $1.98 
As Low As:  $1.39
Acrylic Rata Screw-Fit Tunnel (1 Pair)
Price:  $1.75 
Externally Threaded Grade 23 Titanium Gemset Labrets - Assorted Colors (Box of 40)
Price:  $96.00 
Grade 23 Titanium 2.3mm Gem Set Top Nose Screws - Assorted Colors (Box of 40)
Price:  $65.00 
High Polish Grade 23 Solid Titanium Fishtail Labret or Nose Stud with 2.3mm Gemset Top
Starting At:  $2.85 
As Low As:  $2.00
High Polish Grade 23 Solid Titanium Gemset Labret
Starting At:  $2.40 
As Low As:  $1.68
Ion Plated 316L Steel Treble Clef Tragus/Cartilage Stud
Starting At:  $2.52 
As Low As:  $1.76
Ion Plated Fixed Bead Captive Hoops - Assorted Colors (Box of 24)
Price:  $21.00 
Micro Crystal Helix/Cartilage Studs (Box of 40)
Price:  $30.00 
Multi-Crystal Butterfly Navel Bar
Price:  $3.54 
Press-Fit Gem Fishtail Labrets - Assorted Colors (Box of 40)
Price:  $31.00 
Rock Star Skull Logo Set in Maple Wood Dome Top Plug (1 Pair)
Price:  $3.68 
Sterling Silver 1.5mm Ball & 1-1.5-2mm Cup Set Crystal Nose Studs (Box of 40)
Price:  $28.00 
Sterling Silver 1-1.5mm Ball & 1.5-2mm Prong Set Crystal Nose Studs (Box of 40)
Price:  $28.00 
Sterling Silver 3mm Prong Set Heart Crystal Nose Studs - Assorted Colors (Box of 40)
Price:  $44.00 
Sterling Silver Cup Set & Prong Set 1mm-2mm Nose Studs (Box of 40)
Price:  $28.00 
Sterling Silver Prong Set Crimped Set & Crown Set Nose Studs (Box of 40)
Price:  $28.00 
Titanium Ion Plated Surgical Steel Navel Ring
Starting At:  $2.01 
As Low As:  $1.41